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Meet the Staff: Melvin Hidalgo, Customer Service and Reservations Agent

Isn’t it nice when you get to put a face to the voice? Meet Melvin Hidalgo, Customer Service and Reservations Agent, sports fan and gym freak! Scroll down to read more about him!


A Message from Luis Namnum

Dear Members

On Tuesday, after a lot of hard work, we were able to finalize the change in the existing Occidental Hotels Corporation shareholders by selling the entire company to the Barceló Hotel Company  ( Barceló has 99 properties spread out all over the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe. This new shareholder is very good for the company as it most likely brings forth much anticipated new funding to fix some of our properties, new hotels, ideas and energy into Occidental. In the 18 years that I have been with the company we have changed shareholders three time, resulting in continuous improvement in both your member services and facilities. This is more or less a normal corporate occurrence.

The deal still has to be approved by an office of Competition in Mexico and the tax authorities of our different jurisdictions, but most likely it will be approved. This process should take around 90 days. In the meantime I felt it’ a good idea to let you know how things stand at this moment to avoid unnecessary worries.

What is important for you to know is that there will be no changes to your membership rights, service, facilities or contracts.

I strongly believe that the new shareholders are very good for the Club, Barceló is a great company and the fact that they have many more hotels will most likely result in additional use options for our members. Obviously there will be many details and processes to work through to make this happen.

As always we will keep you informed.



Estimado socios, el lunes, luego de una ardua labor, pudimos finalizar el cambio de accionistas de Occidental Hotels Corporation vendiendo la empresa en su totalidad a Barceló Hotel Company ( Barceló tiene 99 propiedades en Mexico, Europa y El Caribe. Este cambio de accionistas es positivo para la empresa, y traerá consigo inyecciones de capital para invertir en nuestras propiedades, nuevos hoteles, ideas y renovadas energías. En los 18 años en que he estado en la empresa, hemos cambiado de accionistas en tres ocasiones, y cada vez ha resultado en mejoras tanto en los servicios de socios como en nuestras propiedades. Esta es una situación normal en el mundo corporativo.

El acuerdo aun tiene que ser aprobado por la Oficina de Competencia en México y las autoridades impositivas de las diferentes jurisdicciones, pero es casi seguro que sea aprobado. Este proceso puede tomar unos 90 días. Mientras tanto, sentí que era una buena idea dejarles saber el curso de las cosas, para evitar preocupaciones innecesarias.

Lo que es importante que ustedes sepan es que no habrá ningún cambio en sus derechos, beneficios y facilidades como socios.

Estoy convencido de que este cambio accionario es algo muy positivo para el Club. Barceló es una gran empresa, y el hecho de que tengan una gran cantidad de hoteles puede significar mayores opciones de uso para nuestros socios. Por supuesto hay muchos procesos y detalles que trabajar para llevar esto adelante.

Como siempre, los mantendré informados.


Meet the Staff! Ivis García, Bartender at the First Club in Grand Cozumel

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Ivis has two kids, and when he is not mixing cocktails his getting a few miles don, he loves to run! Scroll down to read more about him.


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President’s Letter: Let’s Talk About Investments

Dear Members,

You might know I enjoy wine. Opus is a wine from Napa that sells for $350 a bottle, while the wine next door sells for $59. During a visit I asked the Opus folks what makes it so much different from the wine next door. If you think about it is exactly the same type of grape, growing in the same type of terroir (fancy word for dirt) suffering more or less the same weather conditions? Their answer was: people.