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Meet the Staff! Ivis García, Bartender at the First Club in Grand Cozumel

We know there’s no need to introduce Ivis! You have seen him many times making awesome drinks and having fun doing it!

Ivis has two kids, and when he is not mixing cocktails his getting a few miles don, he loves to run! Scroll down to read more about him.


2016 Olympics and Other Travel Preferences of OVC Members

We were wondering about you, and the things you prefer when it comes to traveling. So we started asking questions to find out not only what are your travel preferences, but also what are your travel plans for 2015. Here’s what you told us.


President’s Letter: Let’s Talk About Investments

Dear Members,

You might know I enjoy wine. Opus is a wine from Napa that sells for $350 a bottle, while the wine next door sells for $59. During a visit I asked the Opus folks what makes it so much different from the wine next door. If you think about it is exactly the same type of grape, growing in the same type of terroir (fancy word for dirt) suffering more or less the same weather conditions? Their answer was: people.


Meet the Staff; Wilfredo Camilo, Loyalty Manager

Wilfredo has been around for a while now. He’s been part of Occidental Vacation Club for almost 10 years, and since June has been in charge of our Club Rewards Manager. Scroll down to know more about him!


Namnum’s Corner: Our Objective is Always to Improve the Club

“Many of you have heard about our hotels being sold. Some have heard about Grand Aruba, others about Grand Punta Cana. In the 18 years I have been with the company we have changed shareholders 3 times. Prior to that with Allegro we had two similar changes. It’s a natural course of business. A group of investors, usually Funds and Banks, invest in a company, build it up and sell it. In all these changes Members rights and services not only have not changed but Club investment have dramatically improved.