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Mexico’s Cultural Tourism: 8 Facts About Mayan Culture

One of the great things about traveling is how it enriches your life. You are exposed to new food, new people, a different culture, and overall, totally new experiences that will be a part of you forever.

More and more people are choosing destinations that provide variety and quality of cultural experiences, and when it comes to culture and history, there’s no place like Riviera Maya for a unique vacation.

Riviera Maya is well known for the history that surrounds it. The Maya was the first society to settle there, and their elaborate architecture with which they created temples, palaces and brilliant pyramids attracts visitors from all over the world, eager to know more about this incredible civilization and their traditions.

The Mayans were a fascinating, very advanced ancient culture.   Here are 8 facts that will motivate you to learn more about this unique civilization.

  1. According to the ancient Maya, the world was created on August 11, 3114BC, which is the date their calendar starts counting from.
  1. According to different studies and modern DNA technology, seven million direct descendants of the Mayans live in the Americas today.
  1. The Mayans developed a well-formed, highly communicative writing system that was the most advanced in the Americas.
  1. The Mayan’s writing system consisted of symbols to represent sounds and ideas, which were written phonetically and followed principles of grammar.
  1. Corn was the Mayans principal food.  It was prepared in a variety of ways including corn cakes, what is now known as tortillas.
  1. The early Mayans are recognized for their religious beliefs and practices, the foundation for their way of life.  As notable are their intellectual achievements that were manifested in great construction feats as well as tremendous advancements in mathematics and astronomy.
  1. They were so advanced in some sciences that modern day people often believe that they had mystical powers and take their predictions very seriously (Hint: Remember 2012 and the end of the world?)
  1. The Mayans worshipped time and identified five great cycles that measured the evolution of human life on earth. The calendar they developed was extremely complex and accurate.

Still interested? There’s a lot more to see, do and learn about the Mayans, so next time your in Riviera Maya, don’t miss the chance to explore the ruins that are still standing!

Photo by: Jace Rivers

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