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15 Reasons Why Vacationing in the Caribbean is Simply the Best

Maybe is the eternally wonderful weather. Maybe is having the nicest people around. Or maybe is the beach. The truth is that in the Caribbean the sun shines brighter, the drinks taste better and happiness is a permanent mood. We love the Caribbean and so do you… and here’s why.


Meet the Staff: Esteban Sánchez Navarro, First Club Manager at Grand Papagayo

Here at Occidental Vacation Club we are beach lovers. We love to swim, relax under the sun, take long walk on the beach and practice water sports. Esteban Sánchez Navarro, First Cub Manager at Grand Papagayo is a beach lover and a surfer. Keep reading to know more about Esteban and the things he loves.


Namnum’s Corner: Making Your Club An Even Better Placer

Hola Amigos!

This summer has been all about rebuilding.  Some of it was planned.  Some of it not.  All in all the changes have made your Club an even better place to visit.

The first reconstruction has been of our newsletter which you can see here.  We hope this will help us all to stay better connected and keep you more informed.  Personally I like the way it looks and feels.  Our team put in a lot of effort so let us know what you think of the results by posting on our Facebook page or here on the blog


The Travel Apps You Need!

It’s not  secret that we can do everything from our phones. From bank transactions to house hunting, there is virtually an app for everything, and traveling is not the exception. Find the cheapest flight? Knowing what to pack for your next trip? Finding Wi-Fi at the airport? Yes, yes and yes, there’s an app for that.

Here are 5 of the best travel apps to need to download right now!


Important Information on Allegro Cozumel

Dear Members

It is my duty to report that two nights ago there was a fire in Allegro Cozumel. The fire was at 3am, it consumed the main lobby, kitchens, activity theater and 8 villas.

At the time we had over 150 guest in the house. Fortunately there were no casualties to guest or employees. The Cozumel fire department acted quickly requiring the help of the Mexican Coast Guard to supplement water flow from the ocean. The fire was put out in less than two hours.