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Meet the Staff: Ysrael Rivera, Customer Service and Reservations Agent

Ysrael has probably booked more than one vacation for you. Well, it’s time to put a face to the name!


A Letter from the Club’s Managing Director

Dear Members;

A few days ago I was honored to accept the responsibility of managing the Club, “Your Club”.  I face this new phase with enthusiasm and with an immense desire to work toward the goal of further consolidating and developing growth in all areas, allowing you to continue enjoying all the benefits of membership every day. (more…)

Meet the Staff! Carlos Ernesto Bacab, Bartender at the First Cub in Grand Xcaret

Hello everyone! My name is Carlos Ernesto Bacab, your bartender at the First Cub in Grand Xcaret! I’ve been working at the First Club for the last three years, and have a lot of fun at my job! I love working with my team at the First Club and getting to know people from all around the world. (more…)

2016: 3 HotelTrends to Watch

A new year brings new vacation experiences, new locations and many more things to do during your favorite time of the year. Also, trends start to arise. What will the travel industry look like during 2016? Here are three hotel trends to watch!  (more…)

Meet Oscar Spindola: Guest Service at Allegro Cozumel

Hello! My name is Oscar Spindola, your Guest Service at Allegro Cozumel, I´ve been working with Occidental Vacation Club for almost one and half year. I started working in the First Club at Grand Cozumel and this year I moved to the Allegro. Both places are great because of my co-workers, atmosphere and of course, working in paradise! (more…)