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Prepare to Taste the Wine!

Wine tasting requires use of the senses, taste, smell and sight.  You are eventually going to taste the wine, but first you’ll look at it and then inhale it. It’s a slow procedure. It will take some time for the novice to learn to detect all the flavors and aromas of the various wines being tasted. You won’t be an expert after the first tasting, but with each successive tasting you’ll learn a little more. If you are participating in our April “Route of Wine” tour you will have several opportunities to do some tasting, and experts to lead you through the process.


Namnum’s Corner: It’s Been a Busy Year

Hola amigos,

This year has been busy since the very beginning, there is so much happening around here: From a wonderful tour to Saona Island with members staying at Occidental Grand Punta Cana (you can see the photos on Facebook) to the upcoming wine tour to California and, of course, our SuperSaving Spring Specials at great discounts. (more…)

Meet the Staff: Sarai Figueroa, Guest Service at Allegro Playacar

Have you met Sarai yet? She’s one of our Guest Services at Allegro Playacar and, just like you, can’t get enough of the beautiful beach of the Mexican Caribbean. Scroll down to know more about her.


Occidental Vacation Club Lauds Founders Club Members

” Our Founders Club members are the key to our success. These are the people who have trusted us to take care of their vacations for more than a decade. They keep coming back to the Caribbean to relax and enjoy that special easy-going hospitality OVC is known for. These are the members who tell their friends and family about us and help us to continue growing.”

Luis Namnum, President of Occidental Vacation Club

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Right Glass + Right Wine = Perfect Tasting!

The glass does matter when drinking wine! The right wine glass for the right wine will enhance your overall wine drinking experience. For example, a glass with a wide bowl is essential for appreciating red wine because it provides space to capture the bouquet (aroma) of the wine and hold it there for you to inhale before you drink. Sniffing the essences of berries, chocolate, spices and more, is just the prelude to drinking an extraordinary wine. Before we get to the glasses, we think it only appropriate to give a brief history of the wine glass.