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A World of Outstanding Vacations With Our First Club Membership

Welcome to the world of outstanding vacations! Our First Club membership offers special attention with access to a private First Club lounge, private club areas on the beach, pool and restaurants, and superior and tastefully decorated units.

This video will give you a closer look around the unique services and facilities our First Club membership has to offer.

Occidental Vacation Club Lauds Founders Club Members

” Our Founders Club members are the key to our success. These are the people who have trusted us to take care of their vacations for more than a decade. They keep coming back to the Caribbean to relax and enjoy that special easy-going hospitality OVC is known for. These are the members who tell their friends and family about us and help us to continue growing.”

Luis Namnum, President of Occidental Vacation Club

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Meet the Staff: Adriana Delgado, Guest Service at Grand Xcaret

One of the smiling faces you’ll find at the First Club in Grand Xcaret is Adriana’s. She was born in San Luis Potosí, one of the colonial cities in Mexico, and for the last 5 years has been living in Playa del Carmen.

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Turning Grape Juice into Wine!

We’re gearing up for our April “Route of Wine” tour and in a recent blog we talked about the steps of the wine harvest.   Fermentation is the next important process along the route of producing a great wine for your table.  Before fermentation begins though, the wine grapes are put through a process which crushes the grapes to release the juice for fermenting which understandably is called, “The Crush”.

Turning grape juice into wine is a very important part of the whole process! Photo by: Akira Dawson

Turning grape juice into wine is a very important part of the whole process!
Photo by: Akira Dawson

The Crush

Though foot-stomping used to be the way to crush the grapes (Remember the hilarious “I Love Lucy” episode, where Lucille Ball hops into a wine vat and tries to out-stomp her Italian competitor!), now it’s much more likely that the grapes used for the wine you drink were crushed by a machine. Automated crusher-destemmers break open the grape skins to expose the juice and pulp. The stems and seeds contain compounds in them called tannins that give structure and texture to wines. The tannins are also responsible for the amount of astringency or bitterness in the wine.

The Fermentation Process

During fermentation the grapes work their magic when the addition of yeast converts sugar-laden grape juice into wine. The addition of yeast turns the grape’s sugars into alcohol. This chemical conversion produces thousands of chemical compounds that give the wine its bouquet (aroma) such as floral or fruity. Winemakers use it in their description of the wine found on the bottle label.  A Pinot Gris might be described as, “crisp and juicy with green apple, peach, and lemon lime notes, and a zippy finish of honeysuckle and citrus.”

There are many types of fermentation techniques used to achieve an award-winning red wine or the perfect white wine. Typically stainless steel tanks or neutral oak barrels are used for wine fermentation. Chardonnay is usually barrel fermented and goes through malolactic fermentation, a process that converts the harsher malic acid in a wine to a softer lactic acid to achieve creamy, complex notes.  Other light white varieties like Sauvignon Blanc, are fermented in stainless steel tanks at cool temperatures to bring out the primary fruit aromas and a crisp acidity. High tannin reds like Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon will spend time on their skins after fermentation to allow the tannins to soften, create a deeper color, and bring a denser mouth feel to the wine. The resulting liquid during fermentation is called the must…another word to add to your wine vocabulary list!

Whatever the fermentation process, this year’s Napa Valley and Sonoma Country wines are expected to be outstanding. 2012 and 2013 have been banner years in wine production in the area. You’ll have many opportunities to experience all the tantalizing bouquets and luscious tastes of the great diversity of wines of this area, when you join Occidental Vacation Club for April’s “Route of Wine” tour.

It’s February, share your love story and win a stay for two!

It’s February and here at the Club we are spreading the love. And to us, love is vacationing in the Caribbean!

We all have a love story to share, and yours can make you a winner of a 7-night stay for two at one of our incredible destinations.

Your love story can make you a winner

Your love story can make you a winner

Here’s how to participate!

First, make sure you Like us on Facebook (If not, click here and go do it now!). Leave a comment on this post telling us your love story: when did it start, what is so special about it… Then, come back up here and register your entry in the box below. You have a week to participate! After the contest is closed, we will choose among the eligible entries the one who will be sharing a wonderful vacation in Grand Cozumel, Grand Nuevo Vallarta or Grand Papagayo.

It’s a love fest here at Occidental Vacation Club.

Participate NOW!

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Terms and Conditions

  • Participants must complete the above form in order to be eligible to win
  • The prize is for and 8 days – 7 nights stay for two in Grand Nuevo Vallarta, Grand Cozumel or Grand Papagayo between April 20th – June 27th and August 23rd – December 22nd.
  • The prize is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for money.
  • The prize must be redeemed within 12 months after the winner is announced.
  • The prize does not include the airfare or any other transportation costs.
  • Booking must be made via Occidental Vacation Club Customer Service and Reservations Center
  • Occidental Vacation Club may delete any comment that is considered inappropriate, violent or that includes foul language.
  • Occidental Vacation Club employees, their family, friends or acquaintances are not eligible to participate in this promotion.