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2016: 3 HotelTrends to Watch

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A new year brings new vacation experiences, new locations and many more things to do during your favorite time of the year. Also, trends start to arise. What will the travel industry look like during 2016? Here are three hotel trends to watch! 

Even more personalization

Occidental Vacation Club is all about exclusiveness, flexibility and personalization; and 2016 is the year when personalization becomes the enhanced customer experience.

From the welcome messages (some of them even on the television screen!) attention to food preferences and needs, to additional services such as flowers in the room, this year customers expect their experience within a hotel to be totally personalized to their needs and wants.


There’s one thing that can’t be denied: Technology is having a huge influence on the hotel guest experience.  From special hotel apps to using your smartphone as a room key or allowing individual settings inside the rooms, technology has been a very important part of the vacation experience, and guests demand even more from hotels when it comes to Internet access and technology services.

A Focus on Fitness

Workout rooms used to be dark, windowless spaces that made working out a less than desirable experience. Guests are more conscious than ever about their health, and so hotels are making fitness a part of their overall experience. Some hotels are putting treadmills into the guest rooms so that they can work out privately, and others have designed complete outdoor workout schedules, such as beach yoga and Pilates.

What about you? What updates and improvements would you like to see n your 2016 vacation?

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