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4 Millennials Travel Preferences That Are Defining the Travel Industry

Millennials Travel Preferences

Millennials are taking over the world. They are the Internet generation, the trendsetters, the influential ones. They are nothing like former generations, and that reflects on how they travel. They are re-shaping the travel industry. How? These 4 Millennials Travel Preferences tell us about how they are defining the travel industry.

They travel more

For Millennials, traveling is a right! They are more inclined to spend money on traveling than on things. For Millennials, each trip is a chance to experience more about life. They travel the most of any age group, taking four or five trips a year, both international and/or domestic.

They Rely on the Internet

Millennials are children of the Internet era. Ninety percent of them own a smartphone and sixty-six percent use mobile search to shop and buy travel on mobile. Many Millennials do extensive research online before traveling, and are more likely than older ones to review their experiences online after returning from a trip.

They Look for Thrilling, Active Vacation

Millennials crave adventure.  They want to go on vacation and not only lay on the beach, they want to walk around, explore different areas, try different food and learn new things.

They Want Uniqueness

Millenials not only want meaningful vacation experiences, they also want them to be different, unique. They are looking for personalized services and experiences, based on their personal preferences to make their trips distinct

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