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4 Ways Vacation Ownership Impacts Your Life


Have you ever given thought to the changes you can make to the way you vacation that can improve your family’s life significantly?  Whether you like returning to the same place every year, because it feels like home, or enjoying new destinations, looking into vacation ownership is a smart thing to do.  Read on to see why.

4 Ways Vacation Ownership Impacts Your Life

 1. Impact On Your Lifestyle

Vacation Ownership is an investment in your lifestyle. Think about the reasons why you go on vacation every year: to relax, to spend quality time with your family, to live new experiences, to create long lasting memories. This experience is improved when you are able to enjoy great locations, outstanding properties, top notch service, exclusivity… and that’s exactly what you receive when you become a member of Occidental Vacation Club, that’s what your Club is about.

Having the opportunity to enjoy without hassle, to have exclusive areas, modern and comfortable rooms in some of the most beautiful locations in the world enriches not only your vacation, but your life.

 2. Impact On Your Family Memories

 Think about the things you remember and cherish the most from your childhood. Probably most of those memories involve you being on vacation somewhere. It’s a proven fact that 3 out of 4 adults over 55 say they still have vivid memories of childhood vacations, even more so than school events or birthday celebrations. Vacation Ownership gives you the chance to create similar memories for your children, to spend quality time with them and, overall, bring you closer to your family.

3. Impact on your Well Being

Not only going on vacation improves your mood, research shows that vacationing is good for your health, happiness and overall well-being. Taking a vacation not only makes you more creative, reduce burnout and increase your work productivity, it also reduces stress and increases your mental power.  Being that one-third of vacation owners have taken four or more vacations in the last three years, the flexibility and options of your Club gives you the opportunity to life a fulfilled, health and happy life.

4. Impact in Numbers

If all these reasons don’t catch your attention, maybe these numbers will.  According to ARDA, In the United States there are 9.1 million owners that can access over 5,300 resorts worldwide, with an 83% owner satisfaction.


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