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5 Things To Know About Developer Weeks


Some of our members were having the same question: “I have Developer Weeks available; how do I go about them?” Developer Weeks are one of the options members have that adds flexibility to their vacation experience. There are many things you can do with them: extend your vacation time, invite your family or friends to vacation with you, bank them on RCI, the list goes on and on.

 Here we put together 5 things to know about Developer Weeks that will enhance your vacation experience even more.

  1. Developer Weeks are extra weeks that have the same value as your owner’s week.Developer Weeks are extra weeks that have the same value as your owner’s week. As with your regular week, with the Developer Week you are confirmed in your contracted unit (based on availability) and must pay Maintenance Fee. You can bring your friends and family on vacation with you using your Developer Weeks, or even give them a couple as a gift. These weeks con be used to either extend your vacation time, or to vacation several times a year.
  2. You can deposit a Developer Week on RCI. And if you have Biennial Membership, you can deposit a Developer Week and choose among their many destinations to vacation the year your membership is not active.
  3. Since Developer Weeks have the same value as Owner Weeks, you have to pay Maintenance Fee to book them. Don’t worry; you are not billed if you don’t use it.
  4. Developer Weeks don’t need to be “banked” or transferred to the following year if you don’t use it.

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