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A Letter from the Club’s Managing Director

Dear Members;

A few days ago I was honored to accept the responsibility of managing the Club, “Your Club”.  I face this new phase with enthusiasm and with an immense desire to work toward the goal of further consolidating and developing growth in all areas, allowing you to continue enjoying all the benefits of membership every day.

Many of you have been on this journey since we were Allegro Vacation Club and have seen how Occidental Vacation Club has grown to be the prototype for all-inclusive timeshare vacation clubs not only in the Caribbean, but internationally.

Your loyalty has allowed us to grow and be increasingly stronger, currently having over 30,000 members.  Over the years we have incorporated the First Club, Grand Level, Yacht Club, and above all, we’ve built a wonderful hospitality team dedicated to pamper you.

Our continual physical improvements on the beach, in our suites, and in the exclusive member’s areas: the units, beach area, First Club lounge have been increasing year after year, all with the intention to guarantee our members wonderful vacations.

We’ve always been proud of our beautiful properties that dot the coastline of the blue Caribbean Ocean.  This year, the group is considering important renovation plans with an investment of more than $120 million dollars, in order to further improve the quality of our beautiful resorts.

We will still have the same wonderful team that has been responsible over all these years who have helped make your vacations memorable and carefree. We will continue to work hard to offer you excellent service.  I appreciate your support during this transition.


Milton González


Estimados socios,

Hace algunos días tuve el honor de aceptar la responsabilidad de dirigir el Club de Vacaciones, Su Club. Recibo esta nueva etapa con entusiasmo, y con un inmenso deseo de seguir trabajando en el desarrollo y crecimiento de  todas las áreas, y permitirles continuar disfrutando de los beneficios que le ofrece su membresía.

Muchos de ustedes han estado con nosotros desde la época en que éramos “Allegro Vacation Club”, y han visto como Occidental Vacation Club ha llegado a convertirse en el modelo de clubes vacacionales todo-incluido, no solo en el Caribe sino internacionalmente.

Su lealtad durante estos años nos ha permitido crecer y ser cada vez más fuertes, teniendo actualmente más de 30,000 socios. A lo largo de los años hemos incorporado el First Club, Grand Level, Club de Yates y, sobre todo, hemos construido un maravilloso equipo dedicado a servirles.

Nuestras continuas mejoras en las diferentes áreas exclusivas para socios: unidades, áreas de playa, First Club, han ido en aumento año tras año, todo con la intención de garantizarle a nuestros socios unas maravillosas vacaciones.

Hemos estado siempre muy orgullosos de nuestras hermosas propiedades bordeadas por las aguas cristalinas del Mar Caribe. Este año, el grupo está considerando importantes renovaciones, con una inversión de más de $120 millones de dólares, para seguir mejorando la calidad de nuestros hoteles.

Seguimos contando con el mismo equipo que durante todos estos años ha sido responsable de hacer que sus vacaciones sean memorables. Continuaremos trabajando arduamente para ofrecerles el más alto servicio.

Agradezco el apoyo de todos ustedes durante este periodo de transición.


Milton González.

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  1. Edward Tomes #

    thanks for lets us know where the company is going , and its nice to see there going to up grade the resorts ,

    March 9, 2016
  2. Barbara Alba Kastet #

    Milton Gonzalez,
    I would like to welcome you to our family at OVC. We are interested int the plans you have for the resorts, hoping you keep us up to daye on your plans. We look forward to seeing the new resorts that are available to us. Both my husband and I hope you have the wonderful oppertunity to develope a personal relationship with the members, as we are not just club members, we are family. In the past , if a problem occured we had someone we could go to and have the situation resolved. We are counting on you to do the same as the new managing director.
    As Founding Members of OVC at the Grand level, we have enjoyed our membership for well over a decade and look forward to seeing it grow, without increasing rates, us being seniors on fixed incomes, seeing new resorts, making new friends, and finding new homes away from home. Our First & Grand Club areas in the resorts are important to us. For one thing they help us form friendships, some have become lifelong. We plan vacations together, have reunions, keep in contact via email and social media, and even visit each others homes.
    In conclusion, welcome to the family, there is a long road ahead, and you have companions to travel with.
    Barbara Alba-Kastet (Bobbie)

    March 11, 2016

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