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Meet the Staff! Carlos Ernesto Bacab, Bartender at the First Cub in Grand Xcaret

Hello everyone! My name is Carlos Ernesto Bacab, your bartender at the First Cub in Grand Xcaret! I’ve been working at the First Club for the last three years, and have a lot of fun at my job! I love working with my team at the First Club and getting to know people from all around the world. Read more

Life is Better at the Ocean

We swear for that and so do our member who have enhanced their vacation experience with our Yacht Club. A day sailing the open water, with delicious snacks, your favorite drink and the relaxation that can only comes when you are living the life in the Caribbean.

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A World of Outstanding Vacations With Our First Club Membership

Welcome to the world of outstanding vacations! Our First Club membership offers special attention with access to a private First Club lounge, private club areas on the beach, pool and restaurants, and superior and tastefully decorated units.

This video will give you a closer look around the unique services and facilities our First Club membership has to offer.

A Closer Look to Our Grand Level Membership

Occidental Vacation Club’s Grand Level membership offers only the best. Members have unrestricted access to all properties, suites at the best locations with primarily beachfront with spectacular ocean views, room service and impeccable decoration.

This video will give you a closer look to this unique level of vacation. Can you spot your favorite property?

Going to Grand Xcaret? Don’t Forget Your Bikini!

And no, we are not talking about swimwear!  This is a very special Bikini, made by Carlos Ernesto, one of our bartenders at the First Club in Grand Xcaret! This refreshing drink is perfect after a quick afternoon snack, or in the mornings, to sip by the pool (another great thing about being on vacation is actually drinking in the mornings!).

On your next trip to Grand Xcaret, don't forget your Bikini!

If you are craving a drink that is not so strong and summery, then this Bikini is the perfect one. It’s also easy enough to recreate it when you are at home dreaming with the Caribbean.

Make your own Bikini!






Banana Liquor

Lime Juice

Liquid Sugar

Club Soda


Red Wine


In a cocktail glass with ice mix all the ingredients except for the wine, grenadine and ice. Add the ice and mix well. Next,  add grenadine and with a spoon add the wine very slowly so it doesn’t blend. Garnish with a slice of lime and a cherry. Drink up!

Tip: When drinking your bikini, keep moving the straw upwards and you’ll get a taste of each flavor with every sip! Cheers!