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Namnum’s Corner: It’s all about new experiences

One of the benefits of being a member of a Vacation Club is that after a while we more or less know where and when you like to travel. So far this year, 86% of you have taken one or two trips; on average you go on vacation with us 1.8 times a year. Though we enjoy your company, it is logical to think that you want to visit other places. I’m trying to put together a program just for that.

The penciled name is not too original but cleared stated, the Bucket List Membership. The concept is to organize a series of two to five journeys to places where you  have always wanted to go or of unique experiences you are dreaming to live. These trips could either be taken individually or with a group of other members, accompanied (or not) by an OVC staff member.

I’m talking about going to China; a 10 city Barge Cruise on the Rhine; maybe an African Photo Safari while staying at a British managed Kenyan five star resort or a Cruise to Patagonia to see one of the largest glaciers in the world, or maybe a trip to the World Cup.

I Personally like wine and golf but wouldn’t mind at all having a five city baseball adventure with my adult son, along with four or five fathers and their sons. The benefit is not only that we can organize trips that most of us know we want to take but just don’t have the energy or the travel savvy to go on our own (I would not go to China by myself, it’s scary not knowing even a little bit of the language and culture).

We can probably get better pricing by packaging the whole thing and by selling it as a membership the expense is differed over several years. I need to know if this is something that makes sense to you, and if it does, what do you think are Bucket list trips? Would you like to go on your own? With a group?  Accompanied by a staff member? Please, let me know.

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