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Our 4 Favorite Christmas Traditions!

mexico christmas tradition

Someone once said: “the best thing about snow is watching it on your TV screen from the Caribbean”.  Not only does the #EndlessSummer make the Caribbean the perfect place to spend the holidays, but the unique traditions of the region will bring your vacation up to a new level. The experiences you’ll live during Christmas in the Caribbean, are ones you will cherish for life.

Here are a few Christmas traditions that we love in some of our favorite destinations.

Mexico: Posadas

Posada is Spanish for Inn. In Mexico, children often perform the “Posada”, which is a nine-day celebration commemorating the part of the Christmas story where Joseph and Mary are looking for a place to stay.

For the Posadas, houses are decorated, and children are given candles and a board with figures of Mary and Joseph to go around the streets. They call at the houses of friends and family, singing and asking for a room for Mary and Joseph. Eventually, they are welcomed in a house where they will say a prayer and have a party!

Costa Rica: Impressive Decoration

In Costa Rica, the Holidays are all about making your home stand out! Houses and public buildings feature elaborate Christmas decorations and lights: the flashier it looks, the better! The center of the decorations is called “Portal”, which is a model of the nativity scene. The “Portal” is a central element in families’ celebrations, and it takes a large space of the house, indoor or outdoors.

Aruba: Dande 

Arubans spread their best wishes for the New Year with the celebration of “Dande”, which is Papiamento for “to revel” or “to carouse”. Singers go around houses of friends and family, wishing them success and happiness for the New Year. Armed with drums and other traditional instruments, the “Dande” is a very festive tradition. Music is fun and contagious, and brings a special joy to people’s homes.

Dominican Republic: Huge Christmas Dinner 

A traditional image of Christmas Eve in the Dominican Republic is that of families lurking around the kitchen to get a peak of what would be the very traditional (and huge!) Christmas Eve Dinner. On December 24th families get together, relatives come from all around the country (and the world) to enjoy the biggest family dinners of the country. This family gathering is the center of the holiday festivity.


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