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2016: 3 HotelTrends to Watch

A new year brings new vacation experiences, new locations and many more things to do during your favorite time of the year. Also, trends start to arise. What will the travel industry look like during 2016? Here are three hotel trends to watch!  Read more

A Faster Way to Go through Customs? There’s an App for That!

One of the most asked questions when it comes to traveling is “How do I get through customs faster?” The answers to this were pretty basic: pack as neatly as possible, make sure not to pack prohibited items and be clear and polite when addressed by customs officers, but know it’s going to get a whole lot easier. Read more

Cancun International Airport: What To Expect Once You’re There

Whether you’re staying in Grand Xcaret, Allegro Playacar, or Grand Cozumel, you will probably fly into Cancun International Airport, where you will get your first taste of Mexico. Not all airports are the same, and while not very large, Cancun International Airport can be a little confusing for first time visitors. Worry not! We got you covered with a couple of things you might experience once you arrive.

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7 Essential Tips for Packing Like a Pro

What are your plans for the summer? If you are anything like us, it definitely involves some traveling, specifically to the Caribbean, where the sun and the warm breeze will make everything better.

In our constant efforts to make your travel easier, we have chosen to share with you our essential tips for packing like a pro. A quick guide to get your trip started on the right foot!

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4 Simple Steps that Will Save You Money or Fly Time

Want to save some money? Of course you do! Don’t we all? Thing is, we know our destinations are not always serviced by reasonably priced or convenient airfare.

From some destinations, such as Canada or Europe, or during certain dates, Charter Operators are able to offer very attractive packages that include both air and accommodations.

We want you to be able to take advantage of these charter offers while at the same time enjoy all the many benefits of the membership.  We have managed to do just that with our new service “Charter Vacation Package”.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Call our Customer Service and Reservations Center to confirm availability and booking
  2. Once confirmed, research if your market has an air and room package pricing convenient for you. Book it.
  3. Call or email us to confirm the package you purchased so that we can close out the booking. Your unit is now confirmed. You already paid for the package, there is no additional payment to us*.
  4. Check-in at the First Desk Lounge, your room assignment and all other Membership services and facilities will be provided just as before.

Easy, right?

A few things to keep in mind the using the Charter Package option:

  • If your contracted unit is not available when you call us with your confirmation, you will be booked in a hotel unit and your Owner’s Week will still be available for you to use.
  • We do not guarantee any of the services or quality of the service offered by the charter operator of your choice. Our commitment to you stars upon check-in at the property.
  • This program is at an experimental stage and may be cancelled at any time. All existing confirmed bookings will be honored.
*Grand Level members will pay a surcharge usually equivalent to the difference between the First Club Rate and the Grand Level Rate