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A World of Outstanding Vacations With Our First Club Membership

Welcome to the world of outstanding vacations! Our First Club membership offers special attention with access to a private First Club lounge, private club areas on the beach, pool and restaurants, and superior and tastefully decorated units.

This video will give you a closer look around the unique services and facilities our First Club membership has to offer.

A Closer Look to Our Grand Level Membership

Occidental Vacation Club’s Grand Level membership offers only the best. Members have unrestricted access to all properties, suites at the best locations with primarily beachfront with spectacular ocean views, room service and impeccable decoration.

This video will give you a closer look to this unique level of vacation. Can you spot your favorite property?

Club Ownership 101: Use, Exchange, Share… Everything you can do with your week

One of the best things Occidental Vacation Club offers to their members is its flexibility. No only you are able to choose among many different locations, or travel as many times as you wish to, there are also different ways to use the week you own: you can use it, exchange it and try a new location, or share it with your loved ones. Take a look at how fellow members are taking advantage of their membership.

Ownership 101

Use. Mr. and Mrs. Case have been members for more than 5 years. They love Punta Cana.  Year after year they return to their perfect vacation spot.  They see old friends and make new ones.  Their Grand Level membership means that they can enjoy the exclusivity with a level of service and accommodations unsurpassed in the world of all-inclusive club ownership vacation stays.

Exchange. The Bennets are First Club members. They joined the OVC family 12 years ago and have enjoyed many different vacation experiences during these years. They fell in love with Allegro Cozumel 5 years ago, but now are opting to expand their horizons. They used the RCI option and chose between the more than 4,000 resort and hotel options they have to offer and exchanged their week in Allegro Cozumel.  Last year they went skiing instead of snorkeling and next year they are thinking of visiting Europe via their RCI exchange.

Share.  Two years ago Mr. and Mrs.  Johnson’s had an unexpected emergency at home.  As much as they wanted, they were unable to make their trip to the Caribbean as planned.  However, they let dear friends take advantage of their membership.  This year the news is much better.  The Johnson’s are thrilled: their daughter is getting married! As a gift, they want her and her new husband to enjoy the many perks they have as First Club members. This year they are giving their Owner’s Week to the newlyweds, for a one of a kind honeymoon.

Club Ownership 101: Want to Extend Your Vacations? There Are Many Options!

Why leave the Caribbean after a week if you can enjoy paradise for longer? One of the things that make Occidental Vacation Club exceptional are the many options our members have to extend their vacation time.

Make this moment last longer with Bonus Time!

Bonus Time is a member’s favorite.

Bonus Time is a great way to spend an extra night or two in paradise. You can stay another night or even another week, based on availability.  Let’s say you want to continue working on that tan or perfecting your SCUBA Diving.  With Bonus Time you can book from 1 to 14 nights in a row as often as you wish.  The rate includes your accommodations as well as your terrific all-inclusive package.

There are many different ways to use your Bonus Time:

  • Extend your vacation time;
  • Vacation more than once a year!  For example, you can visit Grand Punta Cana with your owner’s week in April, and Allegro Cozumel with Bonus Time in November;
  • Invite your extended family. It’s your nephew’s birthday and your family wants to celebrate in the Caribbean? Book rooms for them using Bonus Time!

You see, Occidental Vacation Club is all about flexibility. We want you to enjoy vacations like no other, to share special moments with your loved ones and explore the many perks your membership has to offer.  Why cut your good times short?  Contact for details and to book your Bonus Time now!

Introducing… ¡Occidental Vacation Club Rewards!

I’s been awhile since we started thinking about the idea of a Loyalty Program, as a way to reward our members for trusting us with their vacation plans. Ideas were put on the table, decisions were made, we starting working and now or Club Rewards are finally available for all our members!

It’s very simple. Every time you book your vacations, pay your maintenance fee or refer a friend you will earn Reward Points which you can use to book vacations or excursions, pay transfers and maintenance fee among many other options.

Want to start earning points? Register on with your contract number! The Members’ Area is available for all of you not only to access the Club Rewards, but also to manage every aspect of your membership and access our Member’s Forum.

Go an register! Visit and see what your Club has for you!