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5 Things To Know About Developer Weeks

Some of our members were having the same question: “I have Developer Weeks available; how do I go about them?” Developer Weeks are one of the options members have that adds flexibility to their vacation experience. There are many things you can do with them: extend your vacation time, invite your family or friends to vacation with you, bank them on RCI, the list goes on and on.

 Here we put together 5 things to know about Developer Weeks that will enhance your vacation experience even more.

  1. Developer Weeks are extra weeks that have the same value as your owner’s week.Developer Weeks are extra weeks that have the same value as your owner’s week. As with your regular week, with the Developer Week you are confirmed in your contracted unit (based on availability) and must pay Maintenance Fee. You can bring your friends and family on vacation with you using your Developer Weeks, or even give them a couple as a gift. These weeks con be used to either extend your vacation time, or to vacation several times a year.
  2. You can deposit a Developer Week on RCI. And if you have Biennial Membership, you can deposit a Developer Week and choose among their many destinations to vacation the year your membership is not active.
  3. Since Developer Weeks have the same value as Owner Weeks, you have to pay Maintenance Fee to book them. Don’t worry; you are not billed if you don’t use it.
  4. Developer Weeks don’t need to be “banked” or transferred to the following year if you don’t use it.

Club Ownership 101: More Vacation Time? Yes, Please!

Let’s be honest? Who doesn’t want to spend more and more and more time in paradise? We totally understand you! And that’s exactly why we, as your Club, offer you different options for you to extend your vacation time even more.

Ownership 101

Let’s see the options!

  • Bonus Time. A member’s favorite. Bonus Time are extra nights that you book along with your regular week. You can book up to 14 nights as many times as you wish. Bonus Time needs to be booked within 60 days before arrival, and is always confirmed in a hotel unit. You can book Bonus Time for direct family (parents and children), as long as they vacation with you.*
  • Developer Weeks. These are fairly new to some of our members. Developer Weeks are extra weeks that members receive with their right-to-use membership. Right-to-use is a membership that lasts for a determined period of time (say, 25 years). Developer Weeks are extra weeks that have the same value as your owner’s week. As with your regular week, with the Developer Week you are confirmed in your contracted unit (based on availability) and must pay Maintenance Fee. You can bring your friends and family on vacation with you using your Developer Weeks, or even give them a couple as a gift.

             Here are 3 ideal situations to use your Developer Week

  • You just want to vacation for a longer period of time. It’s simple. You don’t need to explain yourself, we totally get it.
  • It’s your birthday or anniversary, and you wish to spend this special time with your loved ones. Use your Developer Weeks to book extra rooms for them.
  • You want to try different locations and have the opportunity to stay in your contracted unit each time.

Are you ready to add an extra week to your next vacation? Consult with our customer service folks far enough in advance to plan accordingly. Give us a call at 1-888-538-8048 or email us at for more information.

Club Ownership 101: Vacation Ownership? An investment?

Definitely. When we say “investment” you may think about the classic stuff: stock market, real estate or gold. We are talking about a different, better and, overall, much more fun kind of investment. Vacation Ownership is an investment in your lifestyle. Vacation Ownership is an investment in your family.  Vacation Ownership is an investment in you and your well-being.

Being a member of OVC means enjoying some of the best beaches of the world

But, how is that? You might be asking. Well, here’s what we mean. Think about the reasons why you go on vacation every year: to relax, to spend quality time with your family, to live new experiences, to create long lasting memories. Now think about what things would improve the way you vacation and the quality of your vacation time: great locations, outstanding properties, top notch service, exclusivity… and that’s exactly what you receive when you become a member of Occidental Vacation Club, that’s what your Club is about.

We know how much our members love the Caribbean and the different locations they have the chance to visit every year, but there’s one thing that keeps bringing each one of them back to their favorite resort: the people. Many of them have made dear friendships with other members and Club staff, and having the chance to enjoy a beautiful please with good friends is what really makes a week of vacation an unforgettable one.

OVC is about great locations, outstanding properties, top notch service and exclusivity

“What makes a vacation perfect is the people: the staff and the people you meet every year” – Donna Sharples, Grand Level Member.

“Grand Nuevo Vallarta is our favorite location and the staff are our favorite friends.  Every time we arrive we are their priority. They go above and beyond in trying to help you feel at home”. - Lorraine Volbrecht, Prestige Member

“We were at Occidental Grand Punta Cana in January, and it is absolutely the best resort! Helpful and friendly First Club and Royal club staff; the beach was amazing, the palms and the food was simply scrumptious. We love it!” - Carrie Manship Belaire, Grand Level Member

All those things make your time with us a time in your life where are improving every aspect of it, from your health to your relationship with friends and family. Having the opportunity to enjoy without hassle, to have exclusive areas and modern and comfortable rooms is much more than an economic investment. It’s what we call being your home away from home.

At the end of the day, it is all about the people who make going on vacation totally worthy

Vacation ownership enriches your vacations and your life.  Every time you vacation with Occidental Vacation Club you are getting a stress-free vacation time, and a standard of service you won’t get anywhere else.

Club Ownership 101: Use, Exchange, Share… Everything you can do with your week

One of the best things Occidental Vacation Club offers to their members is its flexibility. No only you are able to choose among many different locations, or travel as many times as you wish to, there are also different ways to use the week you own: you can use it, exchange it and try a new location, or share it with your loved ones. Take a look at how fellow members are taking advantage of their membership.

Ownership 101

Use. Mr. and Mrs. Case have been members for more than 5 years. They love Punta Cana.  Year after year they return to their perfect vacation spot.  They see old friends and make new ones.  Their Grand Level membership means that they can enjoy the exclusivity with a level of service and accommodations unsurpassed in the world of all-inclusive club ownership vacation stays.

Exchange. The Bennets are First Club members. They joined the OVC family 12 years ago and have enjoyed many different vacation experiences during these years. They fell in love with Allegro Cozumel 5 years ago, but now are opting to expand their horizons. They used the RCI option and chose between the more than 4,000 resort and hotel options they have to offer and exchanged their week in Allegro Cozumel.  Last year they went skiing instead of snorkeling and next year they are thinking of visiting Europe via their RCI exchange.

Share.  Two years ago Mr. and Mrs.  Johnson’s had an unexpected emergency at home.  As much as they wanted, they were unable to make their trip to the Caribbean as planned.  However, they let dear friends take advantage of their membership.  This year the news is much better.  The Johnson’s are thrilled: their daughter is getting married! As a gift, they want her and her new husband to enjoy the many perks they have as First Club members. This year they are giving their Owner’s Week to the newlyweds, for a one of a kind honeymoon.