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Life is Better at the Ocean

We swear for that and so do our member who have enhanced their vacation experience with our Yacht Club. A day sailing the open water, with delicious snacks, your favorite drink and the relaxation that can only comes when you are living the life in the Caribbean.

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Wine Country: Warm Beautiful Days and Cool Beautiful Nights!

What to Wear on Your Wine Country Adventure

It’s a safe bet that the springtime weather in Napa and Sonoma will be mostly fabulous. Spring is the time when the grape vines are sending up new green shoots, and the countryside is alive with the vibrant gold of mustard blooms and colorful flowering trees and plants. The average daytime temperature for May is 76° and at night 47°. Some days may be more like summer, warm and dry, and other days may be slightly cooler.  Though rainfall in May is on average only 1.06 inches, it’s still always wise to be prepared with a light jacket or raincoat.

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Photos: Share the Joy Punta Cana 2014: Saona Island.

We’ve said it before: our goal is to provide our members with unique and unforgettable vacation experiences. This time we put together a tour, exclusive for members, to one of the most beautiful places on the East Shore of the Dominican Republic: Saona Island. It was a day of fun where we had the chance to relax in an awesome beach, eat delicious local food and even take photos with starfish! Scroll down to see the photos and click here for the video!

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Prepare to Taste the Wine!

Wine tasting requires use of the senses, taste, smell and sight.  You are eventually going to taste the wine, but first you’ll look at it and then inhale it. It’s a slow procedure. It will take some time for the novice to learn to detect all the flavors and aromas of the various wines being tasted. You won’t be an expert after the first tasting, but with each successive tasting you’ll learn a little more. If you are participating in our April “Route of Wine” tour you will have several opportunities to do some tasting, and experts to lead you through the process.

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Namnum’s Corner: It’s Been a Busy Year

Hola amigos,

This year has been busy since the very beginning, there is so much happening around here: From a wonderful tour to Saona Island with members staying at Occidental Grand Punta Cana (you can see the photos on Facebook) to the upcoming wine tour to California and, of course, our SuperSaving Spring Specials at great discounts. Read more