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4 Ways Vacation Ownership Impacts Your Life

Have you ever given thought to the changes you can make to the way you vacation that can improve your family’s life significantly?  Whether you like returning to the same place every year, because it feels like home, or enjoying new destinations, looking into vacation ownership is a smart thing to do.  Read on to see why.

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Club Ownership 101: 11Things to Know About Your OVC Membership

Being a member of Occidental Vacation Club means living new and unforgettable vacation experiences. As a member you have many distinctive advantages, from flexibility to plan your perfect vacation to multiple and exotic destinations for every taste.

However, let’s be honest, sometimes it can be difficult to totally understand the different benefits and options you have as a member. That’s when we come in! Here are 11 things you need to know about your membership that will enhance your vacation experience even more!

Ownership 101

1. Owner’s Week: This is the backbone of your membership. You can use it with Occidental or exchange it with any Club to Club resort worldwide. Simply bank it with us for the following membership’s year or deposit it with RCI or ICE Gallery if you decide not to travel this year. Or give it as gift to friends and family. The Owner’s Week flexibility gives you plenty of choices when planning your vacations.

2. Seasons: this is your most convenient and affordable time frame for your travel needs. Your purchased season determines the travel dates you can book with Occidental. You may have one of the following three seasons: Holiday, which allows you to book any time of the year. Prime, which allows you to book any time of the year, except for Christmas Week, New Year’s Week and Easter Week. And Summer season, which allows you to travel during May, June, September and October.

3. Bonus Time: Bonus Time is one of our members’ favorite options when it comes to the Club’s benefits. Bonus Time allows you to book additional days or vacation more than once a year. One thing you need to keep in mind is that Bonus Time is always confirmed in hotel units. You still receive all the exclusive benefits of your membership, but your reservation will be confirmed in regular hotel accommodations

4. Use, Exchange, Share:A very common question among members is “What else can I do with my week?” Once you own, there are three basic things you can do with your week:

  • Use it to go on vacation at any Occidental Vacation Club property.
  • Exchange it with RCI and experience different locations each year.
  • Share it with your friends or family to enjoy

5. RCI: RCI gives you the opportunity to experience new and exciting locations every year and live totally new vacation experiences. Click here and learn how to make a successful exchange with RCI.

6. Home Resort: What does “Home Resort” mean? The “Home Resort” is used as a reference to know where you bought your membership. You receive all the benefits of ownership no matter where you are staying within the OVC family. You may stay at any of our properties using your Owner’s Week or Bonus Time and will receive the benefits of your membership.

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