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2016: 3 HotelTrends to Watch

A new year brings new vacation experiences, new locations and many more things to do during your favorite time of the year. Also, trends start to arise. What will the travel industry look like during 2016? Here are three hotel trends to watch!  Read more

Our 4 Favorite Christmas Traditions!

Someone once said: “the best thing about snow is watching it on your TV screen from the Caribbean”.  Not only does the #EndlessSummer make the Caribbean the perfect place to spend the holidays, but the unique traditions of the region will bring your vacation up to a new level. The experiences you’ll live during Christmas in the Caribbean, are ones you will cherish for life.

Here are a few Christmas traditions that we love in some of our favorite destinations. Read more

6 Easy Tips for an Invigorating Vacation

Taking a vacation is well known to improve your mood, boost your creativity and reduce burnout.  Research shows that vacationing is good for your health, happiness and overall well-being.  However, if you find yourself needing a vacation from your vacation, then it’s time for you to plan a trip that ‘s not only a lot of fun, but invigorating.

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5 Perfect Places To Travel Solo

Many travelers claim that traveling solo is the best way to see the world, and a very exciting way to do it. You get to live new experiences on your own schedule, following your heart without the influence of a friend or partner. You can spend the day at the resort, sipping Margaritas while watching the waves, or you can wander around whatever attraction got your attention. Read more

4 Ways Vacation Ownership Impacts Your Life

Have you ever given thought to the changes you can make to the way you vacation that can improve your family’s life significantly?  Whether you like returning to the same place every year, because it feels like home, or enjoying new destinations, looking into vacation ownership is a smart thing to do.  Read on to see why.

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