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Club Ownership 101: More Vacation Time? Yes, Please!

Let’s be honest? Who doesn’t want to spend more and more and more time in paradise? We totally understand you! And that’s exactly why we, as your Club, offer you different options for you to extend your vacation time even more.

Ownership 101

Let’s see the options!

  • Bonus Time. A member’s favorite. Bonus Time are extra nights that you book along with your regular week. You can book up to 14 nights as many times as you wish. Bonus Time needs to be booked within 60 days before arrival, and is always confirmed in a hotel unit. You can book Bonus Time for direct family (parents and children), as long as they vacation with you.*
  • Developer Weeks. These are fairly new to some of our members. Developer Weeks are extra weeks that members receive with their right-to-use membership. Right-to-use is a membership that lasts for a determined period of time (say, 25 years). Developer Weeks are extra weeks that have the same value as your owner’s week. As with your regular week, with the Developer Week you are confirmed in your contracted unit (based on availability) and must pay Maintenance Fee. You can bring your friends and family on vacation with you using your Developer Weeks, or even give them a couple as a gift.

             Here are 3 ideal situations to use your Developer Week

  • You just want to vacation for a longer period of time. It’s simple. You don’t need to explain yourself, we totally get it.
  • It’s your birthday or anniversary, and you wish to spend this special time with your loved ones. Use your Developer Weeks to book extra rooms for them.
  • You want to try different locations and have the opportunity to stay in your contracted unit each time.

Are you ready to add an extra week to your next vacation? Consult with our customer service folks far enough in advance to plan accordingly. Give us a call at 1-888-538-8048 or email us at for more information.

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