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Tips to Make Traveling With Kids Easier


Let’s be honest, traveling with kids can be a very difficult task, especially when traveling overseas, but it doesn’t have to that way!  Sure, children can be a bit unpredictable but a little planning ahead can make the difference between a stressful flight and a pleasant one. We have gathered a few must-know tips to make your next trip with your children a hassle-free experience.

Tips for Traveling With Kids

1. Take your time

 When traveling with kids, the best thing you can have is extra time. Whether it is at the airport or when going out during your vacation, make sure you have enough time for your kids to explore and for you to take a break before boarding the plane or heading to your next activity.

2. Have a “Kid’s Tricks Bags”

If your children are still too young to find their own distractions, then make sure to pack a bag of small toys or a coloring book and plenty of crayons. Just make sure the toys are not the noisy kind, be thoughtful of your fellow travelers. Also, download a few apps for kids on your phone or tablet for them to play (yeah, we know they already own your phone, but just a reminder).

3. Also, Have a Medicine Bag

Think about your basic first aid kit. Now make it bigger! Pack everything you think your kids might need during your vacation: hand wipes, thermometer, aspirin, bandages, antibiotic cream, rubbing alcohol for bug bites, lip balm, an antidiarrheal, antacid… you get the idea.

4. Make Airport Security Easy

The best thing you can do to make going through security a breeze is having everything organized. Scattered objects means wasting time gathering everything, but may also cause you to loose something or leave it behind. Also, explain to your kids what will happen in security. They might not want to leave their little dolly behind, so avoid the tantrum by letting them know beforehand what will happen and that it will be over soon.

5. Prepare for taking-off and landing

The pressure during takeoff and landing can make your kids uncomfortable.  If they are not sleeping, then you’ll need to help them clear their ears. Make sure to explain to them what’s going on and why they are feeling that way. Have something for them to drink or chew.

6. Rest

Flying can be tiring, specially when travelling internationally, and even more if you are going to a different time zone. After arriving, give your kids the rest of the day to take a nap, or just play around and relax. You really don’t want to be dragging them all over the resort because they fell asleep while walking.

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    I’m so happy you’ve extended your reservation hours. It was so stressful trying to call during work hours, especially when you only have a 30 min. lunch.
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    May 28, 2016

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