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Club Ownership 101: Use, Exchange, Share… Everything you can do with your week

One of the best things Occidental Vacation Club offers to their members is its flexibility. No only you are able to choose among many different locations, or travel as many times as you wish to, there are also different ways to use the week you own: you can use it, exchange it and try a new location, or share it with your loved ones. Take a look at how fellow members are taking advantage of their membership.

Ownership 101

Use. Mr. and Mrs. Case have been members for more than 5 years. They love Punta Cana.  Year after year they return to their perfect vacation spot.  They see old friends and make new ones.  Their Grand Level membership means that they can enjoy the exclusivity with a level of service and accommodations unsurpassed in the world of all-inclusive club ownership vacation stays.

Exchange. The Bennets are First Club members. They joined the OVC family 12 years ago and have enjoyed many different vacation experiences during these years. They fell in love with Allegro Cozumel 5 years ago, but now are opting to expand their horizons. They used the RCI option and chose between the more than 4,000 resort and hotel options they have to offer and exchanged their week in Allegro Cozumel.  Last year they went skiing instead of snorkeling and next year they are thinking of visiting Europe via their RCI exchange.

Share.  Two years ago Mr. and Mrs.  Johnson’s had an unexpected emergency at home.  As much as they wanted, they were unable to make their trip to the Caribbean as planned.  However, they let dear friends take advantage of their membership.  This year the news is much better.  The Johnson’s are thrilled: their daughter is getting married! As a gift, they want her and her new husband to enjoy the many perks they have as First Club members. This year they are giving their Owner’s Week to the newlyweds, for a one of a kind honeymoon.

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  1. Michael Shute #

    Do you have any resorts in Orlando Fla. my wife and I are members and are planning a family vacation for entire family May 2017.

    April 28, 2016
    • admin #

      Hello Michael,

      Yes, there are a few affiliated hotels available in Orlando, FL. Please contact our Customer Service and Reservations Center for details.


      April 29, 2016

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